Irresponsible Governance

01.25.2011 Please allow me a quick diversion from the subject of architecture. It is my passion, and my future profession. I chose this path, in part, because of my love of the City. Just because I have chosen to focus on this pursuit professionally does not mean I pay no attention to other things that … Continue reading

The Humble Arch vs. Neo-Mannerist Queen Anne Revivalism

01.17.2012 The Bloomsbury Estates, Raleigh, North Carolina. I think that this is the building that set the seed for this blog. Just one look at it made me seethe with rage. Where do I begin? How about with the arches? Arches, in a conventional load bearing masonry wall, are used to create window and door … Continue reading

Parking as an Earth Friendly pursuit

Maybe they should have put solar panels on it too, I mean, its sunny in the photo.

01.10.2012 The Greenest Parking Garage ever!!! It is said that the most sustainable, or “green,” building is the one that is never built. The same idea can be applied to parking garages. If you don’t offer hundreds of newly available, cheap parking spots, then hundreds more cars are discouraged from driving to the area. The … Continue reading

When improvements improve nothing

The DEARBORN HOMES, a C.H.A. property. So when I started graduate school at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago in the fall of 2010, I began exploring a part of the city I hadn’t been in much before. IIT’s campus is located in Bronzeville,a neighborhood with, among other distinctions, a long history of public … Continue reading