Irresponsible Governance


Please allow me a quick diversion from the subject of architecture. It is my passion, and my future profession. I chose this path, in part, because of my love of the City. Just because I have chosen to focus on this pursuit professionally does not mean I pay no attention to other things that affect us urban dwellers.

Case in point: The gerrymandering of the 50 political wards here in Chicago. Its a decennial process, based on new census data, whose ostensible goal is to fairly chose alderman. This is not what actually happens though. One look at the jigsaw puzzle makes this obvious:

And since Ben Jorasky from the Reader has been doing such an exhaustive job of exposing this cities unique brand of civic governance, I’ll defer to him for the words describing the irresponsibility.

I’ll stick with the toys.

next week: seriously, vending machines

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  1. […] actual maps to accompany the competing redistricting plans.” (We’re blushing.) He also paid homage to Chicago Reader writer Ben Joravsky for “doing such an exhaustive job of exposing this […]

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