Division St Dance Academy

I have just completed my Masters Project here at IIT’s College of Architecture. My work towards this goal in large part accounts for the lack of recent posts. Now that that is over, I will resume this blogging exercise. This project grew out of a recognition that contemporary large scale development in mature Chicago neighborhoods … Continue reading

Three Planes and a Bench

02.29.2012 So I’ve been spilling a lot of words all about how (mostly other) people create buildings, spaces, and urban conditions that are not what I loosely define as “responsible”. This is a personal pursuit of mine to learn from the mistakes of others, ostensibly to help me create more thoughtful, responsible architecture. I know … Continue reading

Irresponsible Governance

01.25.2011 Please allow me a quick diversion from the subject of architecture. It is my passion, and my future profession. I chose this path, in part, because of my love of the City. Just because I have chosen to focus on this pursuit professionally does not mean I pay no attention to other things that … Continue reading

The Humble Arch vs. Neo-Mannerist Queen Anne Revivalism

01.17.2012 The Bloomsbury Estates, Raleigh, North Carolina. I think that this is the building that set the seed for this blog. Just one look at it made me seethe with rage. Where do I begin? How about with the arches? Arches, in a conventional load bearing masonry wall, are used to create window and door … Continue reading